Keynote Addresses

Session Keynote-1

Keynote 1

4:15 PM — 5:30 PM EEST
Jun 16 Tue, 9:15 AM — 10:30 AM EDT

Optimizing Information Freshness in Wireless Networks: From Theory to Practice

Eytan Modiano (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Age of Information (AoI) is a recently proposed performance metric that captures the freshness of the information from the perspective of the application. AoI measures the time that elapsed from the moment that the most recently received packet was generated to the present time. In this talk, we explore the AoI optimization problem in wireless networks.
We start by considering a wireless network with a number of nodes transmitting information to a base station and develop low-complexity transmission scheduling policies that result in near-optimal AoI performance. We then extend our results to wireless networks under general interference constraints, and develop joint routing and scheduling schemes for minimizing AoI. Finally, we discuss implementation of our transmission scheduling policies using software defined radios.

Session Chair

Longbo Huang (Tsinghua University)

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